UK breastfeeding idea

A new incentive had been thought of to increase rates of breastfeeding in the UK and personally I am not sure about it. Two city in the north of the UK have been selected to try and boost breastfeeding rates in the UK. This bit I think is a good idea, however women who breastfeed for 6 months will be rewarded during this time with vouchers. There is the chance to get £200 worth of vouchers. Is this bribery?

Without generalising, there are a lot of low income families in the north of England and I have to say if I was hard up for cash I would be tempted to lie and say I was still breastfeeding to get the vouchers, how are health professionals going to know. I understand that this isn’t the point, the point of the exercise is about boosting breastfeeding rates in the UK and prevent long term illness in the next generation.

Also what about the mothers that have really problems breastfeeding are they now expected to continue regardless of the physical and emotional pain they have to put them through. Also there is enough competition in parenting, does the government need to add in anymore?

If it proves to be successful it will be rolled out nation wide. This also slightly annoys me I breastfeed three children for month, sometimes taking it over the magically six months mark and never got any rewards. OK I have three healthy children, maybe that was my reward.

Supporting breastfeeding is very important but I am not sure that offering financial gain is the way about this, the person on the news has already said that it will rely on people being honest. I can see a flaw in the plan already.


Halloween party

It’s been a while since my last post, so I thought I would update you on the fun of the party I had for a few of my children’s friends last week. It was overall good fun, all the other mother chipped in and either stayed to tidy up afterwards or brought a plate of ghoulish food. Well, more like mini sausages and tomato ketchup.


As for the outfits I had a fairy, a pumpkin, 2 pirates, a fireman and a vet. Not exactly scary, but all the children loved running around the house. Not sure I would do an in the week party again, but at least it was half term.


With the children back at school, I might be able to return to some work on my blog. You never know.

Bed sharing the next chapter

When my first boy was born, the advice was don’t share a bed with children, it can lead to sudden infant death syndrome. So being a new mum and wanting to tick every parenting box, I didn’t, apart from on Sundays, when I would pick him and and let him play in mine and hubby’s bed. Which would normally last about 30 minutes, before the bed turned in to a full blown climbing frame. On a few occasions, because it was so warm he would fall back to sleep.


With my second child, I let him sleep next to me a few times when breastfeeding late at night, when he was very young and not so mobile. At the time the government advice was don’t co-sleep, especially if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. With my third child, breastfeeding was my biggest influence on all my decisions. So I did do some co-sleeping, to promote breastfeeding. This seems to be connected to longer breastfeeding. Women who allow themselves to breastfeeding at night and combine it with co-sleeping/ bed sharing increase the change of breastfeeding for longer.


But how does this fit with the overwhelming concern about sudden infant death syndrome? Surely that risk hasn’t decreased? There hasn’t been a break through meaning it no longer needs to concern mothers. Generally confused on this one. Pro breastfeeding people say breastfeed for as long as you want/ can and do anything to help. But there is still the risk. As I said confused.

Measuring happiness

It seems every day school are asked to do more and more for children, parents and the community. A recent government idea is for school to measure the happiness of children. Which on the face of it I think is a good idea, I want to know if my child is happy, and if there friends are happy too. BUT, and I have to say its a big one.


There are days when my eldest son comes home from school and the world is a terrible place, it’s the worst thing ever, and it’s because of something every minor. Usually it passes within a few minutes. But it does happen. Other days he can come out of school so happy, for instance yesterday they were allowed to use the new pencils, which was the best thing in the world. Children are fickle and change their minds. They have minds and yes they like to change them. Which can be either, to quote my children, “the best thing ever, or the worst thing ever”. Some days fish fingers are the best and some days there are too many peas which makes the fish yuk.


Trying to measure children’s happiness is a tough job and I am not sure how you could. To fake the results would be easy, give them fish fingers and new pencils.

Breastfeeding rates

Strange statistic out this week have said that breastfeeding rates in America have risen then in a different report I read Breastfeeding complaints have also increased. So mothers are getting the message the breastfeeding is best for babies, its a shame the rest of society hasn’t caught up.

Surely if less people complained about breastfeeding, more mothers would be likely not to throw the towel in. If more women felt like they weren’t being starred at or commented about when breastfeeding they would feel more confident in trying and sticking with in.

Its great that the USA have seen another rise in breastfeeding, lets hope the rest of the world follows in its example. Promoting breastfeeding practices is a great idea, when I was with a group of friends who were all breastfeeding. It was a small group I have to say, but still a group, we would laugh about it and make each other feel more comfortable. My hubby would even joke (not a great joke mind you) about me inviting round a bunch of girls and we all sit here with out boobs out. (I did warn you).

Just in case you are interest Ireland has one of the worst rates of breastfeeding in Europe.

Breastfeeding and working

I will be honest it has been a while since I have considered working and breastfeeding, mainly as I am a full time stay at home mum (unpaid seamstress, cook, taxi driver, bank, counselor, the list goes on). But with my first child I did return to work whilst I was still breastfeeding, looking back I was a bit clueless on what I should have considered.

Firstly I wasn’t expecting the silly comments from male members of staff- “I’ve ran out of milk, can I have some?” Kinda thing. Which I just took as them being stupid and after a week, maybe more, it stopped. I just keep on thinking, you can’t upset me, I’ve been though childbirth. Ha ha.

If you are returning to work and still breastfeeding it is possible to do both.

Tips for breastfeeding and working

Be prepared, expressing at work is different from at home. You’ll need to consider where you are going to store the milk, as well as how you are going to express and where you are going to express. Plus also the factor of what your job is, and trying to fit in breaks at certain times in some roles can require a certain amount of juggling. For instance I worked in an office environment which had a number of meetings to attend, scheduling in expressing meant I need to make sure I could get to the medical room at certain times.

In terms of your employer, you have the rights to be provided with a safe place to do so as well as a option for storage. Working in an all male environment can add a new complication or just another thing to consider.

Also if you haven’t been expressing prior to this, it is a good idea to practice before you step back into your work place. the last thing you need on your first day back is to be struggling with a new pump that won’t click together and won’t deliver.

Family gathering

Today has been a stressful one, I took my children, minus my hubby to my parents house, which is normally good fun. My children love being with their grandparents. However today my know it all aunt was there was well. She couldn’t be more different from my mum. Every move my children may she commented about. All afternoon it was “ohh don’t let him touch that” then “where’s she going”.

I feel very stressed, my children are well behaved and I don’t tend to monitor there every moment, I let them have some freedom. Within reason. But today it was almost like they couldn’t breath without my aunt commenting. Everything they did was wrong today in her eyes.

After my aunt had picked fault in everything from what they were eating, how they were eating and what they were wearing. She had the cheek to say that she had had a great afternoon and wanted to see us again. Not for a while I was thinking. I’ve left my parents house with a massive headache.